At Westside Community United Methodist Church, we have a variety of Sunday School classes that appeal to all ages.


This class is designed to introduce children to Bible characters.  Children learn a Bible story and experience hands-on learning with peers in a positive learning environment each week.  

Teacher: Regina Carrier


Lower Elementary - 1st -3rd grade

Children continue learning about Bible characters and stories in more depth.  They will bring the Word to life in a way that motivates children to learn more.  Children also begin learning how to find Bible verses in the Bible. 

Teacher:  Marlene Atwood


Upper Elementary - 4th-5th grade

Our goal is to teach the Bible in chronological order with time out to teach about Lent/Easter and Advent/Christmas each year.  We want the children to understand the context of the story and see how it fits into the whole story told in the Bible.  Often they hear an Old Testament story and then a New Testament story and have no concept of the order in which they happened.  An example of this is, when we talk about King Saul in the Old Testament and the children realize that he is not the same Saul whose name was changed to Paul in the New Testament.  The class is intertwined with crafts and games that review what we have been learning.

Teachers:  Brenda Ellis

Youth - 6th-12th grade

Sunday mornings the youth meet to study and fellowship.  We reflect upon the highs and lows of our week and bond through a relationship of accountability and growth in Christ. 

Teacher: Rebecca Meade and Faron Owen


Men's Bible Study

The men's Sunday morning Bible study ranges from men age 20 to 65.  Most men range between 40-55 years old.  Our goal is to teach each man how to be a better father, husband, and Christian, by building character while looking at the world through the eyes of Christ.  We are studying real life circumstances and holding each other accountable to rise and meet the challenges before us.  

Teacher:  David Lawson


Women’s Sunday School Class

Years ago we selected, “Encouraging Women” as the name for our Women’s Ministry.  As the name implies our Sunday school class not only encourages women to encounter Jesus through Bible Study, Prayer, and Fellowship with other believers, but also provides a means for us to encourage others.  Ladies of all ages and stages are cordially invited to participate in this class that focuses on in-depth Bible study in a discussion format and often includes video and book-based studies by renowned Biblical authors. Join us for weekly spiritual renewal encouraging and nurturing each other as we journey through God’s word.

Teacher:  Nancy Wilcher

Substitute Teacher:  Connie Coppings

Young Adult Class

 The young adult class is open to men and women. 

Teachers: Sara Pendygraft

Senior Adult Sunday School Class

The senior adult Sunday school class is open to men and women who desire a Bible-based study that relates to daily living.  This class uses the United Methodist Adult Bible Study curriculum.  Themes for 2016 include:  The Gift of Faith, Creation, and The Sovereignty of God.  Join us in the comfort of the Library as we grow in our Christian faith through thoughtful discussions of God’s word and the sharing of personal experiences.

Teacher:  Jerry Wilcher

Substitute Teacher:  Charles Price